Product Summary

This house door lock features the key latch retraction function (door can be opened from the outside without using the lever handle) and is the correct choice for installation in fire protection doors where higher security is required.


Bit key, flat key and WC locks for normal service

Cylinder locks in Europrofile and round are suited for fire protection doors

Product Details

  • Smooth, quiet door closing
  • Latch can be changed to right/left without any special tools
  • Low maintenance, long lasting
  • Easy to clean as there are no protruding corners and edges
  • For flush and rebate doors
  • Little wear and long product life
  • Dimensions and requirements to Austrian standard ÖNORM B5350/B3858/B5351, EN 12209
  • For house and apartment front doors up to 40 kg door weight

Technical Details

  • Metal latch
  • Backset 50/60/70 mm
  • Follower 8.5 or 9mm square
  • Center distance 90mm for flat, WC- and round cylinder locks
  • Center distance 88mm for Europrofile cylinder locks
  • Single throw bolt for flat key and WC locks
  • Double throw bolt for cylinder locks
  • Round or square forend 250x18x4 mm or 300x20x4mm
  • Forend surface finish in decor silver, stainless steel, yellow zinc plated or polished brass
  • For cylinder locks (WZ, WZ.RZ)
  • Specification and dimensions according to Austrian standard Ö-Norm B5350, EN 12209
  • Usage category 3, protection grade 2
  • Fire resistance grade El230-C according to Austrian standard ÖNORM EN13502-2 (T30 )

House Door Locks - Serie 127 (ÖNORM)

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