DORMA BTS 60TT Floor Spring

The smallest floor spring from DORMA, BTS 60TT is developed and made by DORMA as an economic solution for standard, light use double action doors. Embodying DORMA TwinTec technology and SafeForce valve, The BTS 60TT provides a good balance of compact size, strong closing force and enhanced safety.

  • Door width up to 950 mm
  • Maximum door weight of 85 kg
  • Size 3 Spring strength
  • TwinTec technology
  • SafeForce valve

Product details

Compact size: less work, more savings

BTS 60TT is the smallest floor spring from DORMA which measures only 221mm x 90mm x 50mm. It saves your time and labor costs, as less flooring work on site is required. It also saves transportation and warehousing costs, as now you can store more with less space.

TwinTec: more power with smaller body

TwinTec technology is an innovation from DORMA that enables a stronger closing power with a smaller body. Its dual piston design provides a strong closing force for up to 950mm door width or 85kg door weight.

SafeForce: reduced risk of injuries

SafeForce is a safety valve that reduces risk of injuries caused by glass breakage when door is closed by strong wind or sudden slamming. Like the airbag of automobiles, SafeForce valve provides extra safety protection from accidental closing forces.

Assurance of DORMA quality

BTS 60TT is developed and manufactured by DORMA. This size 3 floor spring stands stringent test for consistent performance.