Hygiene solutions and protection against infection

Preventing infection through secure, hygenic access

Solutions for better hygiene and infection prevention

Security through seamless, touch-free access control

Public buildings such as offices, hotels, shopping centers, airports and, above all, healthcare facilities such as hospitals have large volumes of people passing through them every day. This inevitably leads to high risk levels in terms of infection. As a result, hygiene and infection prevention measures play a decisive role when planning new access systems or modernizing existing ones. Automated door solutions can form part of your preventive measures. Contactless features such as the opening mechanisms in automatic doors keep contact with door surfaces to a minimum. This helps prevent infections from spreading.

We offer an extensive portfolio of well-designed automatic door systems tailored to your individual hygiene requirements. We are continually working on new technical solutions, that can be easily integrated into existing door systems and prevent infection, without affecting the free flow of people.

Main entrances to public buildings

The main entrance is your first point of contact in a building. Find out how to improve hygiene using automated, contactless door systems while also improving people flow.

Interior doors and systems in public buildings

Intelligent door systems ensure a smooth transition between rooms inside the building. Thanks to their range of touch-free functions, our door systems can effectively and sustainably support infection prevention measures.

Access to cleanrooms and patient rooms

Our safe access systems meet the strict protection and hygiene requirements for cleanrooms and other areas within healthcare facilities

Separating spaces with sensor barriers

Contactless access control secures indoor areas of a building against unauthorized entry. Touch-free entry adds to the hygiene measures within a building.

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Touch-free access solutions for better hygiene, safety and comfort

Our portfolio offers a wide range of products and solutions that are convenient while also ensuring secure, authorized access. The desire for the greatest possible hygiene is also taken into account.

Comprehensive service

Benefit from our global network of technical service teams during the design, engineering and installation phases, and throughout the life cycle of your system.

Infection prevention

We help reduce the risk of infection through touchless, automated entrance solutions, intelligent access control and antimicrobial surfaces.

Sustainable building management

Our energy-saving, durable, high-quality products and services maximize your building value.

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Our services: helping your access systems run smoothly

Service - general picture

Whether you want to make your existing access solutions more hygienic using components such as swing door operators or contactless buttons, or whether you want to improve convenience at the same time by installing a new automatic sliding doors, our experienced service technicians - together with our sales consultants - offer a comprehensive service, from installation to regular maintenance. Because functional access and security solutions are key to a safe and reliable and hygienic concept.

Our services at a glance
  • Trained expert service technicians on site

  • Expert implementation of upgrades and modernizations

  • Secure installation of new systems

  • Regular maintenance for a longer service life

  • Fast repair and spare parts service

  • Services that meet stringent safety requirements

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