Product Summary

The HSW EASY Safe sliding glass wall stands for high transparency and safety during use. In this toughened-glass assembly, the panels create a thorough, transparent surface – without any lateral frames. Whether it's straight or angled pathways – they adapt to your personal needs and are suitable for modernizations and new constructions.

The new door rails allow for effortless and time-saving installation and can even hold laminated safety glass thanks to proven Clamp & Glue technology

  • Easy and quick installation
  • Easy and secure to use
  • More planning freedom and security

Product Details

  • Free glass corners for high transparency
  • User-friendly panel operation
  • Easy installation, even without a support profile
  • Secure grip due to adhesion when using laminated safety glass
  • Multilock with three locking options
  • Upper lock with status display
  • Lower lock can be operated by foot

Technical Details

  • Max. system height: 4000 mm
  • Max. panel width: 1250 mm
  • Max. panel weight: 150 kg
  • Seamlessly accepts glass thicknesses ranging from 10 to 19 mm


Tested and certified:

  • Wind load (frame bending): EN 12211 Class 1
  • Fatigue strength: DIN EN 1527 Class 2 and DIN EN 1991 Class 3
  • Shock test: DIN EN 13049 Class 5 (highest class)
  • Corrosion test: DIN EN 1670 Class 4
  • EPD (Environmental Product Declaration): ISO 14040

You can find additional technical information in the technical documents for download.


  • A clear color system provides a visible status display for the state of the upper lock in the pivoting or double-action sliding panel and the pivoting/end panel
  • Double brush sealings in the upper and lower door rails ensure a tidy building closure and noticeable draught minimization
  • All double-action sliding panels are equipped with the ITS 96 with a hold-open device, which is invisibly integrated into the door rail profile.


For use in:

  • Shops and shopping centers
  • Stadiums
  • Airports
  • Train stations
  • Hotels
  • Banks and insurance companies
  • Private living rooms

Horizontal sliding wall HSW EASY Safe
Horizontal sliding wall HSW EASY Safe
Horizontal sliding wall HSW EASY Safe

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