Product Summary

Add transparency and flexibility to your rooms. Wherever elegant transitions are required from one room to another and where the emphasis is on transparency in the open-plan design of living and working environments, fully glazed partitions and dividers provide an ideal adjunct to architectural excellence

  • Ideal for any application where total vision is required
  • Suitable for both modernizations and new buildings
  • Virtually almost any shade and color combination
  • Adaptable to a wide range of requirements

Product Details

HSW ISO - Horizontal sliding wall with double glazing and a surrounding frame made of thermally insulated profiles

With the HSW-ISO, customers feel cosy no matter what the weather is like. Despite storm or snow, tables and chairs can be positioned near the glass wall for proper space utilisation.

HSW-R - Horizontal sliding wall with rugged frames for maximum protection

Horizontal sliding wall with rugged frames for maximum protection. The HSW-R glass sliding wall is especially suitable for applications that may be exposed to higher wind loads - such as shop windows or exterior shop entrances. The frames are made of aluminium alloy and surround the glass from all sides. Lateral rubber lips and brush seals at the top and the bottom provide additional protection during bad weather.

HSW-GP - Horizontal sliding wall with single-point fixings made of stainless steel

The HSW-GP is characterised by the use of MANET single-point fixings in combination with a standard track rail. The system’s high-quality stainless steel components and flush-mounted single-point fixings perfectly match the demands of modern architecture. In conjunction with curved track rails, the system is even suitable to safely realise curved and very individual configurations.

HSW-G - A horizontal sliding wall for maximum transparency

The sliding panels of the HSW-G glass sliding wall provide continuous and transparent glass surfaces without any lateral frame elements. All functional components are concealed in the top and bottom door rails, while convenient clip-on covers in various materials and colour shades cover all visible surfaces.


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