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One Campus One Key

System Solutions

One of the most pressing problems of administrating and managing large premises is the sheer number of keys that need to be handled on a day-to-day basis. They have a multitude of access points fitted with different locks. This makes security and access management difficult.  It is easy to lose a key, and when it happens, it will be almost impossible for the administrator/authorised personnel to access those spaces when they need to.

System Solutions

Secondly, security is crucial for any commercial establishment or an institution. The administrators have to restrict various people from entering different spaces.If not managed properly, it can cause serious impact on the security and ease of access in your premises. The solution lies in simplifying your keys. Imagine having the ease and convenience of accessing every door in your campus with a single key. Imagine securing the campus by configuring every other key differently to give selective access to various spaces in your campus to different people. dormakaba’s master key system enables you to do all that.

Benefits of One Campus One Key

  • Convenience - Access every space in your campus with a single master / grand master key
  • Control - Control who can access which space
  • Designer Keys - Easy identification of building/facility  access rights
  • Security - Restrict individuals from accessing every space
  • Quick Availability - Can be quickly configured on-site by authorised specialists
  • Special Cylinder Finishes - Special finishes for different applications

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