Entrance Systems: Create a memorable first and last impression for your building

Automatic Door Systems- comfortable access solutions

There is always more than one reason to #GoAutomatic.  To #GoAutomatic is one thing but going automatic the way you want to is extraordinary!   How to convert your Manual Sliding or Swing Doors in to Automatic Doors? Want to know. Get in touch with your dormakaba contact today.

Automatic door systems fulfill various functions in the building: they allow comfortable and safe access, regulate the flow of people and the access to sensitive areas. In addition, they can help save energy in the building as the doors close reliably. Automatic door systems from dormakaba are characterized by design, variety, safety and comfort. Which solution is right for you?

For reliable opening and closing of swing doors

The perfect solution for nearly every entrance

Convenient and accessible entrance design

Energy efficient entrance solutions

For quick entry

Individual accessories for versatile door solutions