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Product Summary

Give access to your loved ones from anywhere in the world.

True Access Solution (TAS) uses a single app to deliver seamless and secure management of smart access to your home. It connects with TAS compatible digital door lock, security cameras and video doorbell, as well as IFTTT. TAS allows you to remotely monitor and control who, when and how to access your home.  For more info visit:

Product Details
  • Reliable connectivity
  • Access anywhere
  • Local & Cloud storage
  • Secure encryption
  • Convenient
  • Fast & responsive

TAS connects digital door locks, security cameras & video doorbell, so you can remotely monitor & control access to your home

M Series - Digital Door Lock
You can now unlock your door with a simple touch and can even remotely monitor the lock status and share the digital key to any visitors. Now with the latest update, the M Series Digital Door Lock together with the TAS gateway and TAS app can work together to provide you with all your home access security needs.

Ranger 2 - Security Camera
Ranger 2 Home Security Surveillance Wifi Camera with 360 Degree Coverage, Motion Detection, Two-Way Audio and Night vision ensures the following:

  • 24/7 Protection
  • Mobile Access
  • Motion Detection
  • 1080P Full HD video
  • Two-way audio
  • Photo snapshot and video record

Smart Wireless Video Doorbell
The TAS Video Doorbell allows you to see, answer and talk to who is at the front door from anywhere. Convenience and peace of mind are always at your fingertips!

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