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Kaba thermally insulated cylinder Cold outside - dry inside

Secure access in any weather  
The thermally insulated cylinder (TIC) is thermally insulated by separating the outside and inside of the cylinder housing with a plastic middle piece. This prevents coldness and moisture from being transfered from the outside to the inside. The TIC cylinder is suitable for all applications in which water from condensation or even the formation of ice on the inside of the cylinder can be expected.  In addition, this cylinder is sealed off against driving rain. At the same time, the sheet rain seal increases tightness against drafts.

  • Protection against condensation water on the inside also under extremely cold outside temperatures
  • On the outside and higher protection against drafts (˝blower door˝ Test)
  • Ideal for passive houses and outside arcade doors
  • Available with thumbturn knob and asymmetrical cam
  • Foam rubber insulation for sealling the door lock

Product details

• available in all current Euro
reversible key systems
• Europrofile cylinder ø17mm
• Double cylinder (DZ)
• Thumbturn cylinder (DKZ)
• both are available as “short
cylinders” with asymmetric cam
Thumbturn knobs
• Round knob (RK)
• Mega knob (MK)
• Oval knob (OK)
• shortest overall length 80 mm
• shortest side length 35mm
• longest side length 80mm
• shortest cylinder 35+45mm
Surface finishes
• nickel plated (NI)
• dull brass (MS)
• double key override (BSZ)
• Biffar, 4-tooth, ZR10, ZR18
Construction phase function
• Available depending on the

Tested security for use in adverse weather conditions
In the test environment

  • Outside temperature: -20°
  • Inside temperature: +21°
  • Relative humidity: 40%

condensation water formed with conventional cylinders, that runs or drips down the door. With the TIC cylinder however, the inside remained dry and no condensation water formed, that could lead to damage on the door or the floor covering inside.


  • EN 1303:2015-08 with classification key: 160B0C6B
  • EN 1634-1 Fire protection test
  • Driving rain proof according to ÖNORM EN 12208 Grade E1050

Every TIC cylinder is supplied with:

  • Security card for legitimation to order replacement keys or cylinders
  • 3 reversible keys with dark blue SK clip (unless specified otherwise)
  • 1 foam rubber seal
  • Fastening screw
  • Operation and maintenance instructions