Product Summary

Kaba 20 is the standard master-key system for registered series locks and master-key systems. The controlled sourcing of keys is guaranteed through storage of a security card.

The keys are manufactured using a computer-controlled precision milling process. Kaba 20 is a high-performance master-key system for residential and commercial premises.

Product Details

The Kaba 20 master-key system meets high security standards thanks to its pins arranged in a radial formation, precise milling and high-quality materials.

  • Security – effective protection against copying thanks to a security card and blank protection
  • Value – solid Swiss quality
  • Convenience – the reversible key can be inserted into the cylinder at any angle.
  • Organisation – within the master-key system, the customer determines which key opens which door.
  • Flexibility – has a wide range of application options and can also be combined with Kaba evolo access systems.
  • Range – large variety of different cylinder types such as furniture, padlock, appliance and key switch cylinders, as well as for cylinder t-handles, all in an assortment of different colours and lengths

Technical details

  • Four to five rows of pins with up to 20 simultaneously-usable pin positions.
  • Pins that make contact with the key are manufactured from wear-resistant hardened steel.
  • Key protected by patented characteristics.
  • Available with 22 mm Swiss round profile and 17 mm diameter Euro profile.


  • Family homes
  • Residential buildings
  • Commercial and office areas (SME)

Kaba 20 with key
Kaba 20 Illustration
Cross section Kaba 20 cylinder

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