Product Summary

With the dormakaba special function "construction phase" (BAZ) the keying of the cylinder can be changed up to two times, without replacing the cylinder itself. This creates a new cylinder lock without exchanging the existing one, which in case of key loss saves time and money. If a key is lost, or tenants move out with the first key, one turn with the change key invalidates the previously used key.

This function is ideal for the construction phase of buildings where valuables must be protected and access provided for contractors. When the construction is finished, one turn with the change key makes the keys used by the contractors invalid, before the second set of keys are issued to the tenants or owners.

The special function „Construction Phase“ is available for dormakaba cylinder lock systems in combination with other additional functions.

Product Details

  • The keying of the cylinder lock can be changed up to two times
  • Simplification of key organization
  • Cost saving by further using the cylinder locks installed at end of the construction phase or if keys are lost.
  • Additional key sets can be ordered against presentation of a valid legitimation.
  • Can be used with other special functions such as key override from both sides
  • Can be used almost all cylinder types like profile cylinders, sheet metal door cylinders, rim cylinders, padlocks, furniture locks and many more

Technical details

  • Can be used in the dormakaba cylinder lock systems gemini plus, quattro plus and penta.
  • Each cylinder is supplied with the first key, change key(s) and following key(s).
  • No restrictions on the mechanical security features
  • Security card for ordering additional follow keys
  • Increased security if keys are lost - the keying can be changed immediately without deploying professionals or special tools

BAZ Key visual
Cylinder locks with construction phase function
Cylinder locks with construction phase function

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