The Circle Zurich, Switzerland

A vibrant micro-city in a green building

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Enabling access to a sustainable micro-city

Switzerland’s largest service center, “The Circle”, is located next to Zurich Airport. The Circle is a LEED® PLATINUM-certified environmental design that meets the needs of modern travelers, sophisticated visitors and exacting tenants alike. Comprising around 180,000 m2, the space embraces urban diversity to the full.


Which access solutions are both state of the art and sustainable?

  • Flexible, scalable access control

  • Expandability of access solutions to accommodate future technologies, for example access via smartphone

  • Smooth, secure transitions between public and private zones, for example via doors with sensors

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“With dormakaba, we have a competent and reliable partner at our side. They have worked closely with us to create tailor-made, cutting-edge security solutions that impress us each and every day.”
Daniel Scheifele

Daniel Scheifele

Chief Real Estate Officer, Flughafen Zürich AG


Security worthy of an architectural masterpiece

20 years of successful cooperation

Flughafen Zurich AG and dormakaba have been working together for over 20 years. Over the course of this collaboration, countless automatic door systems, doors with sensors, sensor barriers and access components have been developed and delivered, and the exos access management system has been adapted many times. Together, we have ensured the safety of the people flow into and inside of the buildings at Zurich Airport and regulated access to sensitive areas. Flughafen Zurich AG also manages operations at The Circle.

Putting safety at the heart of operations

Security is crucial in any space where people congregate. The emergency exit and escape route system “SafeRoute” ensures that people can leave the buildings quickly in case of emergency via more than 200 access points. Access can also be denied where necessary to protect the property.

Tailor-made escape routes

The Circle is both a modern lifestyle and business complex and an architectural marvel with an unusual boomerang structure. The distinctive curved facade posed special challenges when it came to designing the emergency exits and escape routes. It also means that the swing door operators have to perform at a higher level than usual, and this functionality is guaranteed by firmware developed especially for The Circle.

Ready for the future

The interaction between door and access components is essential for smooth operations and ensuring that the access system is future-proof. We will continue to work together with Zurich Airport to implement new solutions and technologies at The Circle in the future.

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