Solutions for better accessibility

Accessibility: creating access solutions for a world without barriers

Solutions for better Accessibility

Modern buildings are barrier-free buildings

Accessibility is an essential requirement for a life of independence and freedom. When you plan a building, you are taking on responsibility for designing an environment that is barrier-free and accessible to everyone. Barrier-free planning and building means designing an environment that is hospitable to all.

For children, senior citizens and people with physical disabilities, doors often represent a barrier in everyday life. The ability to move freely within public or private buildings and enjoy unhindered entry and exit is important – especially in the case of emergency exits, which are also regulated by law. We help improve building accessibility with our all-round services.

Main and side entrances

Every building has a face – and we think it should be a friendly one that feels safe and secure. Entrances need to feel open, but they also need to secure the interior of a building. Our accessible design offers easy access and security.

Hallways and passageways

A wide range of people need access to the interior of a building. Our solutions ensure a seamless people flow while increasing the security of entrances and other critical areas.


Barrier-free restrooms need to be easy and convenient to access, especially for people with physical disabilities. We offer various solutions that can be adapted to specific room layouts.

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Touch-free access solutions for better hygiene, safety and comfort

Our portfolio offers a wide range of products and solutions that are convenient while also ensuring secure, authorized access. The desire for the greatest possible hygiene is also taken into account.

Intelligent solutions that allow access barrier-free and seamless people flow

Nowadays, accessibility is no longer a technical issue. Our intelligent door systems help make buildings and rooms easily accessible and usable for everyone.

Increased convenience for patients, visitors and personnel

Our customizable, attractive, easy-to-use solutions foster a pleasant, comfortable and inviting atmosphere within in your facility.

Seamless passenger experience at airports

We offer automated, efficient end-to-end solutions that improve the travel experience for airport passengers.

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