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Dedicated support for your specification needs

Specification Services

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Selecting the right type of automatic doors, door hardware, speed gates, turnstiles, glass partitioning systems or access control solutions for a project can have a significant effect on usability, standards compliance, fire safety and building aesthetics. Our experienced, ADSA qualified architectural consultancy services team provides dedicated assistance with: 

  • The review of entrance systems and security requirements
  • Provision of written BS7036 compliant risk assessments
  • Standards compliancy
  • Development of appropriate options for consideration, including enhanced energy efficiency, high levels of security, fine fame / frameless designs and the provision of special finishes.
  • Provision of specifications, EPD / security and fire test certification, detailed drawings and BIM objects.

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Project Requirements Review: 

Our team of specialists provide support to specifiers by conducting detailed project reviews in order to identify and understand entrance systems and security requirements. Once completed, standards compliant options are identified and comprehensive entrance systems solutions proposed for evaluation and implementation by the specifier.  

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Fire & Escape Route Evaluation:
Whatever the building type, we support specifiers to meet specific Fire Strategies and Building Regulation approval. Drawing on leading industry experience, we advise how fire safety objectives can be achieved in the most practical, user friendly and cost-effective ways. 

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Regulatory Standard & Compliance: 
Our ASDA qualified specialists provide expert advice and guidance on meeting the requirements of all relevant industry standards and legislation including:-

  • EN 16005: The European code of practice for the safe use of automatic doors.
  • BS 7036: Code of practice and risk assessment for safety at powered doors for pedestrian use.
  • The Equalities Act
  • BS8300: requirements for building design, construction and maintenance to meet the needs of disabled people and create accessible and inclusive environments.
  • Building Regulations relating to the legal standards for access and use of buildings by all building users, including disabled people.

Solution Development: 
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Following a comprehensive project review covering each aspect of entrance and exit within the planned building, our specialist team:

  • Identify and evaluate the most appropriate options, combining products from across the extensive dormakaba portfolio to create integrated entrance system solutions that work together seamlessly, delivering increased security, practicality and energy efficiency.

Automatic sliding, swing and revolving doors, combined with flexible access control systems, door hardware, access gates, barriers and industrial doors to deliver a total solution, providing coordinated design and enhanced functionality.  

Project Scheduling and Risk Assessment: 

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All automatic doors should undergo a risk assessment in accordance with  BS7036 (Part 0): code of practice for risk assessment and risk reduction.
Our ASDA qualified team of specialists will carry out such risk assessments at design stage, ensuring that specifiers are provided with solutions that incorporate the correct safety measures based on their application and user type.
Such an assessment process provides specifiers with certainty that they are incorporating the most appropriate solutions, that will require no modification through the project design process.

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Specification and Design Development
Following the completion of a risk assessment, we develop complete specifications and CAD drawings for use by architects while also providing all relevant standards compliancy certification, independent test certification and Environmental Product Declarations.

BIM (Building Information Modelling)  
Our extensive library of BIM objects facilitates collaboration between design and construction, allowing architects to simply and efficiently develop the entrance systems elements of each BIM model accurately and comprehensively in less time. 

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Single source of supply, installation and maintenance:

We are committed to the implementation of a strategic partnership approach, providing a single source for all your building security and access solution requirements. Our clients can expect the following: 

  • Fully integrated access solutions from a market leading entrance systems and security solutions provider
  • Expert knowledge on building standards, risk assessment and specialist advice for challenging project requirements
  • Clear, precise product information, including technical and performance data
  • A supportive architectural consultancy team, available when you need them, from all stages of design to delivery.