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Hotel locks & cloud based applications, as well as access management solutions for holiday homes

Keycards & Credentials

dormakaba uses state-of-the-art processes to manufacture and test keycards in-house on specialty equipment. Our options include contactless RFID keycard and tags with sophisticated information storage applications. 

  • RFID credentials are designed for use with dormakaba contactless electronic locks
  • Keycards, wristbands and key fobs

Product details

  •  Options:
    • Custom-designed keycards
    • Back-of-house keycard
    • Green keycards 
  • Compatible with existing MIFARE infrastructures 

Specifications availabale: 

  • Mifare Mini 
  • Mifare 1K 
  • Mifare 4K 
  • Mifare Plus 

Product downloads