Glass Systems


If one can imagine a transparent yet private working space, dormakaba is here to provide that vision to enhance spatial fluidity through glass systems. Function meets the design in harmonic unity. To complement our dormakaba MUNDUS corner fittings, we now offer a true freedom of choice in shape, colour and surface finishes with the corresponding lock in the OFFICE Mundus design.

Following the XEA design principle, there are a wide range of colours available to pick from and a choice of light, dark, structured matt and high gloss on stainless steel or aluminium finishes.

Clarity in design options and performance in function are the key elements to be held in all our installation variants.

  • Modern design following the dormakaba XEA design principles
  • Suitable for MUNDUS series of patch fittings and OFFICE hinges
  • Uniform design in toughened glass assemblies
  • Clear shape with straight edges and rounded angles
  • Wide range of surface finishes and colours available
  • Reliable even under intense stress
  • Long service life thanks to high-grade materials
  • Low-noise "Whisper" functionality
  • Adjustable handle position
  • Tested to EN12209, 500,000 cycles on latch bolt engagement and 100,000 locking bolt operating cycles

Product details

  • OFFICE Mundus is available in the following lock types:
    • non-locking latch, prepared for lever handle with follower or lever handle with rose
    • europrofile cylinder prepared, developed for lever handle with follower or lever handle with rose
  • Strike box
  • Suitable for glass thickness of 8 and 10 mm.
  • Adapter sets optionally available, using which the lock can be installed on glasses that are > 10 mm in thickness

For use in public and private buildings and for indoor use, e.g.

  • Doctor's offices
  • Hotel rooms
  • Schools and universities
  • Office rooms
  • Private residences