Glass Systems

DORMA ARCOS Office Glass Door Fittings

ARCOS Office glass door fittings are able to withstand heavy usage. Day in, day out. Whether non-lockable or prepared for Europrofile cylinders – DORMA’s ARCOS Office fittings have a long and successful track record, particularly in the project sector. ARCOS combines proven functionality with aesthetic elegance.

  • Combine heavy duty functionality with aesthetic design
  • Adjustable lever handle follower
  • Fully sealed lock case
  • Locks comply with current BS EN 12209 requirements
  • With low-noise functionality (silent pattern)

Product details

Lock insert with low-noise “whisper” functionality as standard

The whisper latch (sturdy metal latch – partially plastic-sheathed and damped latch motion for noise minimisation) satisfies particularly high expectations.

Adjustable lever handle follower

+/-1°, patent pending, for avoidance of “lever handle sag” (droop). Beyond this a special self-adjusting clamp-type ensures the lever handle is securely bushed.

Fully sealed lock case

Provides optimum protection for the internal components, which themselves are of rugged construction.

Locks comply with current BS EN 12209 requirements

The locks are designed for use in public buildings and have been successfully tested by an independent testing institute with 500,000 latch and 100,000 deadbolt operating cycles.

High-grade corrosion resistance

Special versions of the fitting manufactured in high-grade anti-corrosion materials are available for wet room applications.

  • According to DIN EN 12209
  • Max. door leaf weight, 60 kg
  • UV, PZ, BB, KABA lock design
  • Design: 1- / 2-panel, side panel

You can find additional technical information in the technical documents for download.

  • For use in public buildings
  • For indoor use, e.g.
  • Doctor's offices
  • Hotel rooms
  • Schools and universities
  • Office rooms
  • Private residences

Special fitting versions in an exceptionally high-quality, corrosion-proof design are available for use in humidors.