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DORMA TP/TA Door Rails

The TP/TA door and side panel rails coordinate with all DORMA patch fittings in terms of design, dimensions and the finishes available.


To download the TP / TA Door Rail Component please click here

  • For heavy duty and wide doors
  • Special security and quality features
  • Easy door adjustment
  • Reliability built in
  • Short delivery times

Product details

DORMA TP/TA design

Fittings offering maximum protection and effective sealing of the lower glass edges. Door rails facilitate the installation of extremely heavy duty and wide doors.

Tamper resistant, with integral locks

The robust base rails are alternately screwed together from both sides of the door at 150mm centres. This makes unauthorized removal of the rail virtually impossible. All door rails are available with integral locks, prepared for profile cylinders and with security roses, or prepared for certain types of lever lock.

Easy door adjustment – even without removal

Because DORMA TP/TA rails are a screw/clamp system, they offer one great advantage over other systems: the rail can be adjusted in situ up and down, and also side to side, to compensate for irregularities in the door opening.

No glass preparation, firm fixing

DORMA has an intimate knowledge of the special properties of glass as a building material. This has led to the design of rails requiring no glass preparation – no holes, no cut-outs. Carefully considered and positive measures have been taken to create the ideal contact area for optimum clamping efficiency.

Reliability built in

Quality materials and thorough workmanship mean that DORMA’s TP/TA rails have the features necessary to meet the most demanding of specifications.

Short delivery times

All the common patterns and types are available ex-stock (factory);  customized rails can also be provided at short notice.

Benefits for the architect/specifier

Suitable for a wide range of applications, the DORMA TP/TA design offers maximum protection and effective sealing of the lower glass edges.

Benefits for the installer/fabricator

Easy installation, No glass preparation, firm fixing. Reduced installation time.

  • Highest corrosion resistance according to EN 1670 Class 4 and DIN 18251, Class 3 (with regard to type testing)
  • Two heights, length according to dimensions, for 10, 8 and 12 mm

You can find additional technical information in the technical documents for download.