Glass Systems

DORMA SG Lock System

It doesn’t matter what sort of glass door needs securing, what function it has to fulfill, or the type of fittings specified – there will be a lock in the DORMA SG range that will provide the shape, the function and the finish you require.

  • Wide range of locks for almost any situation
  • Simple glass preparation, firm fixing
  • Built-in reliability
  • Short delivery times
  • Promptly prepared specials available

Product details

Simple glass preparation, firm fixing

DORMA has an intimate knowledge of the special properties of glass as a building material. This has led to the design of locks requiring only simple cut-outs or holes in the glass. Carefully considered and positive measures have been taken to create maximum contact surface area for optimum clamping efficiency.

Reliability built in

Quality materials and thorough workmanship mean that DORMA SG locks have the features necessary to meet the most demanding of specifications. For safety reasons, always set lock case on the inside.

Short delivery times

All the common patterns and types are available ex stock (factory). Specials promptly prepared.

  • Successfully passed testing according to DIN 18251 Class 3
  • 500,000 motion cycles for the latch function and 100,000 motion cycles for the bolt have been successfully tested

You can find more technical information in the technical documents for download.

Locking solutions for the toughened glass assembly sector.