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Standard functions of dormakaba b-comm ERP 5 - Microsoft Dynamics AX

It provides you with all the required personnel, project, and order times. Integrated data collection provides your organization with significant cost savings, because personnel time registration and order information is collected and checked promptly and precisely, and transferred to Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Benefits to you are:

  • Increased transparency in production
  • Up-to-date information on the progress and status of jobs at all times
  • Improvements in the production process and shorter processing times
  • Minimized overheads and idle time
  • More reliable delivery and increased customer satisfaction

Product details

Standard functions are:

  • Registration of coming/leaving times with and without reason
  • Recording of breaks
  • Booking of change codes
  • Display of personal time accounts
  • Feedback on production orders

    • Setup time
    • Processing time
    • Yield
    • Rejections with reasons
  • Workplace changes
  • Project time registration
  • Feedback on indirect orders
  • Coupling time registration/SFDC

  • Extended employee master data

    • Access control group for managing access authorizations in Kaba b-comm ERP 5
    • Time event group for determining booking types on Kaba terminals
    • Terminal group for defining general authorizations on Kaba terminals
  • Freely editable terminal dialog via graphic editor
  • Multilingual function