Keeping you open for business.


The retail environment usually operates two distinct areas; the shop-floor, which requires inviting door entrance systems with ease of access for all under the Equality Act, and the back of house, with its restricted zones in warehousing, cash-handling and deliveries. 
dormakaba can help you create the right doorways for each scenario, and manage the movement and access of customers, employees’ and visitors across the full retail spectrum, for increased security and stock protection.
We can advise on your duty of care to provide a safe building environment, considering access, fire and security for public outlets.  As the largest manufacturer of entrance systems, we work with you to meet your design requirements, achieving a safe and secure retail environment fitting with your corporate design and aspirations. dormakaba works in partnership with many leading retail organisations to create solutions using both standard or bespoke products, which can be used in the high street, shopping centres, and individual retail outlets.
For restricted access zones, dormakaba’s range of push button locks, safe locks, access control, and workforce management solutions, are used extensively in the retail sector. These individual products reflect the diversity of our portfolio, but represent only a part of the product range that dormakaba can fully integrate. We form complete solutions designed to keep employees and items safe and secure.
To keep your business open, safe, and operational to customers, dormakaba service will support you with  
our nationwide team of accredited engineers, available 24 hours a day.

dormakaba offering for the retail environment

  • Entrance systems
  • Turnstiles and barriers
  • Time and attendance terminals
  • Manual door closers and furniture
  • Glass doors and partitions
  • High security key systems
  • Online and offline access control 
  • Electronic locks
  • Push button locks
  • Workforce management
  • Safelocks
  • Security doors
  • Nationwide, 24 hour repair & maintenance services