Keeping rolling stock and infrastructure secure


dormakaba, as a member of RIA and verified under RISQS, has developed a range of products and solutions specifically designed for the rail industry.

We offer industrial locking and security solutions for rolling stock and track side infrastructure, as well as a broad range of access management products for railway stations, depots, public areas, staff and corporate offices.
Designed to operate with optimum reliability in some of the most challenging environments, dormakaba’s key systems are chosen by many rail industry professionals because the locking system and related keys are registered directly with dormakaba. This ensures replacement keys and cylinders can only be ordered by authorised personnel. Therefore the system owner retains complete control over the locking system & associated keys and thus the integrity of the system.

As an organisation, we supply into both the rolling stock and infrastructure markets of the rail sector, supplying security mechanical locks, keys and key switches to the majority of the UKs train rolling stock. Applications include door controls, CCTV DVR and ETCS enclosure access panels, electrical cupboards, on board critical equipment enclosures and areas that are a health and safety risk such as pantograph isolation switches. Our cylinders and padlocks are widely used on track side to secure signalling equipment, network and communications cabinets, as well as access points track side, and station and depot doors. Alongside its work on locomotives and rolling stock, dormakaba also offers the unique self-powered Powerplex 2000 series of electronic locks, for customers seeking a high quality access control solution, with next to no maintenance, for use in remote applications.

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