Ensure your campus is safe and secure.


students in college building entrance and lobby
dormakaba integrated solutions are widely used by schools, colleges and universities to ensure smart and secure access across the campus & accommodation blocks. 

We understand that ensuring the safety of people on and around campus is of high importance and with our vast product portfolio, ranging from entrance systems, turnstiles and barriers, speed gates, door hardware, master key systems to electronic access control and time & attendance management systems – everything is covered. Equipment and personal belongings are also kept safe and secure from theft and vandalism.

dormakaba Entrances, including revolving doors give the facilities the necessary aesthetics a university atrium, school foyer or college lobby require, with the added benefit of ease of access without compromise on security. 

When teamed with electronic access controls activated by access cards, it is easy to keep a track of, as well as control of, who is entering the premises where and when. It is especially important with the high number of staff, visitors and students moving around the site. Digital means of access control is steadily becoming the way forward and when used in conjunction with physical means such as lock and key, can promote ease of movement whilst ensuring that no one can enter places they shouldn’t.

dormakaba have external, perimeter security covered too. dormakaba Turnstiles [like Kentaur] secure outdoor areas and when used in conjunction with card readers offer a secondary source of security from unauthorised visitors.

Our offering within education:

Electronic Access Control

Access Readers

Digital Cylinder

Compact C-Lever

Exos 9300

Door Hardware

TS93 Cam action Door Closer

ITS96 Concealed Cam Action Door Closer

TS99 Electromagnetic Free Swing Door Closers

Panic Hardware

Mechanical Key Systems

Serrated Keys  

Reversible Keys


Entrance Systems

KTV Revolving Doors

ST Flex Secure Sliding Door

Swing Door Operators

Kentaur Full-Height Turnstiles

Kerberos Tripod Turnstiles

Electronic Locking Systems for Accommodation Blocks

Confidant RFID

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