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Mobile Access for Commercial Applications

Access via smartphone: flexible, fast, secure

Send flexible access rights to your employees, guests or service providers, direct to their smartphones. This simplifies your processes, eliminating the need to issue and collect access media, such as key cards.

Access for your employees
Access for your employees

With Mobile Access, your employees have easy access to their workplace via their smartphone. Thanks to Mobile Access, you can also easily transfer access rights across locations. For example, an employee from London receives all the necessary access rights direct to his smartphone while on the go.

After business hours
After business hours

Thanks to Mobile Access, you are also prepared for visits outside of regular opening hours. Whether for deliveries, external cleaning staff or training: You can conveniently transmit access rights in advance . The access rights are then simply transferred to the smartphone, making it the access medium.

Assigning rights at short notice
Short-term assignment of rights

In the event of unexpected sick leave or substitutions, you can react flexibly to these situations thanks to Mobile Access. Transmit all necessary access rights at short notice and in real time . These can be transferred directly to the smartphone of a desired person and thus quickly adapted in seconds.

Night-time maintenance
Night-time maintenance

If night-time maintenance of your server room is pending, you can transmit access rights for the required period in advance and limit them in time . With Mobile Access, you specify exactly when and how long an external organisation has access to your company. You can also easily adjust, extend or shorten them.

Shared Office
Shared offices

Different tenants in a building are no longer uncommon. The multiple use of meeting rooms, warehouses and archives can quickly lead to complications. With Mobile Access, you can easily assign rights to your rooms in advance . And even in the event of a short-term change, you can react flexibly.

Access rights for car parks
Access authorisation for car parks

Would you like to make sure that only authorised employees or visitors are parking in your company car park? With Mobile Access, the people you have selected receive the geographically independent access authorisation for their premises on their smartphone. In this way you simply save resources in the form of time and personnel and keep an overview all the time.

External Security
External Security

If there is an alarm message in your company, the security staff should have access to the corresponding rooms or buildings as soon as possible. Mobile Access enables a quick response by assigning rights directly to a smartphone. In this way, you keep control even in exceptional cases.