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Keyless ATM Management System

We understand that financial institutions work in a complex environment, providing secure public areas for customers and staff, as well as highly secure back room facilities for cash and private documentation. Therefore, dormakaba offers a bespoke range of reliable, high-security products for the protection of valuables and personnel, as well as the safe transportation of cash and documents.

The Keyless ATM Management System is the latest addition to our range of security and access solutions for the financial sector. Ideal for financial institutions looking for a way to reduce ATM downtime by way of replacing physical access means to ATM pods with cloud based keyless access.

Utilising the Axessor CIT in combination with multi-point locking the system provides enhanced security as the system is installed on the internal side of the ATM pod door, preventing attacks to the exterior. A smartphone app is used to gain access to the locks – no keys and no codes and a digital dashboard for authorised security personnel to monitor, programme and audit all locks on the system.

pic_Keyless ATM Management

  • Reduce the chances of ATM downtime and increase customer satisfaction.
  • No costs to replace keys or time lost locating missing ones
  • With Keyless ATM Management System reduce the risk of ATM attacks, with no attackable exterior lock. 
  • Reduce the risk of unauthorised internal access to ATM
  • Lower carbon footprint, keyholder journeys to remote sites to unlock ATM pods are unnecessary due to access codes and permissions granted through smartphone app.  
  • Lower need for person to person contact as custodian need not to be present to unlock ATM pod.

* Compatible with Axessor CIT, Cencon and solutions utilising Exivo.