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OEM solutions: Special Functions

Special Function cylinders offer additional layers of security or convenience in addition to the main benefits of the respective key platforms (expert, quattro plus) etc.

Lock Cylinder SAT - Secure Temporary Access

Control access with just the turn of the key 

You want to grant temporary access to a third person, but do not want to invest in an electronic access system? dormakaba has a solution that is simple, secure and economic: dormakaba cylinder locks with ‘service function’.

How it works
The SAT locking cylinder has two key withdrawal positions on the outside. The owner controls temporary access through the key withdrawal position.

6 o'clock position - in the standard vertical withdrawal position, only the owner key can unlock and lock from the outside. The service key has no access in this position.

8 o’clock position - if the owner key is withdrawn in the inclined position, the service key has access from the outside. The owner of the key always has access from the outside in both withdrawal positions.

Inside - on the inside, the SAT cylinder has only one trigger position at 6 o'clock. The service and owner keys can unlock and lock the door from the inside at any time. The SAT cylinder can also be equipped with a rotary knob on the inside.

Lock Cylinder BAZ - The 3 in 1 cylinder lock
Access for each phase of construction

  • The keying of the cylinder lock can be changed up to two times
  • Simplification of key organization
  • Cost saving by further using the cylinder locks installed at end of the construction phase or if keys are lost.
  • Additional key sets can be ordered against presentation of a valid legitimation.
  • Can be used with other special functions such as key override from both sides
  • Can be used almost all cylinder types like profile cylinders, sheet metal door cylinders, rim cylinders, padlocks, furniture locks and many more

 * Can be used with quattro plus cylinder lock cylinders.

pic_TIC Cylinder
​​​​​​​The Thermally Insulated Lock Cylinder Lock Cylinder (TIC)

The TIC from dormakaba is best suited to special entry doors and solves the following commonly known problems and provides the following:

  • Protection against condensation on the inside of the door
  • Protection against driving rain on the outside and higher protection against drafts (“blower door” test)
  • Foam rubber insulation for sealing the door lock
  • Ideal for passive houses, outside arcade doors or side doors
  • Available with double key override function or thumbturn knob

*available in all reversible key systems