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Touch to Touch-Free

Hygienic and Touch-Free Applications

The importance of hygienic access solutions in and around your buildings are important now more than ever whether in hospitals, offices, retail, or hospitality, etc.

Ensuring the peace of mind of your staff, patients, customers or visitors by reducing the number of touchpoints they come in contact with, goes hand in hand with promoting good hygiene practices elsewhere.

Download our touch free solutions brochure to learn more about how to ensure hygienic access around your buildings:

Take a look at the ways you can ensure hygiene around your building with dormakaba by

Automating entrances with Automatic Doors

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The main entrance to buildings is the first point of contact. Automatic sliding or swing doors, need no manual opening whether by use of handles or push bars, relying solely on sensors to detect nearby people to open and close. Find out more below:

Sliding Door Operators
Swing Door Operators
Automatic Revolving Doors

Activating entrances with Activation Devices 

Used in tandem with automatic doors, activation devices take on various forms to aid secure and seamless access. They may be used for entry to secure areas that may require controlled access only for those with the right permissions, or to remove common touchpoints like push pads, handles or push bars. See what options are available below:

Touch Free Magic Switch 
Hand Sanitiser Activation
Eagle 1 Automatic Door Sensor 
Card Readers
Mobile Access

Controlling the flow of people

Safe Entry Flow Co-op
Safe Entry Flow Co-op
The safe entry flow from dormakaba provides an intuitive alternative to manual methods of people counting, freeing up the need for a member of staff at the entrance who could be assisting customers or relieving a colleague at the check-out. Utilising 3D and thermal imaging, the system links to automatic door operators and allows entry only when the number of people on the premises is within the pre-set range. An additional factor is the data generated by the safe entry flow can be used within analytics tools to gauge business performance.

Find out more about Safe Entry Flow here.

Upgrading existing manual doors to Automatic

Just 3 steps to take your entrances from touch to touch free. Existing manual doors can easily be upgraded to automatic access with touchless sensors, contact push pads can be replaced with safety sensors or touchless sensors and manual revolving doors can be updated to automatic operation.

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