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Future-proof your Time Recording and Access Control for SAP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors

Time Recording & Access Control for SAP ERP & S/4 HANA

dormakaba EACM for SAP ERP & S/4 HANA

With dormakaba EACM, you can secure your organisation against unauthorised access and register your employees’ hours of work, easily, accurately, and directly from your SAP system. It offers long-term investment security and a future-proof approach to the digital transformation of SAP.

  • Use your standard SAP user interface, minimising the amount of training required
  • Use your existing SAP business processes such as workflow management and administration rights
  • Reduce cost overheads by minimising administration, training, and maintenance
  • Access rights are based on the role of each employee. If an employee’s position changes, their access rights change automatically
  • Utilise your existing IT infrastructure without the need for additional sub-systems, as these applications are integrated fully into your SAP environment
  • Four core applications enable integrated time recording and access management directly in your SAP system - Personnel Management, Access Control Management, Device Management and Media Management
  • Integration of strategic partner applications such as Visitor Management and Life Safety (roll call)
  • Integration of shop floor data collection