Health Security Check - Tip #6

"There are five good reasons why it makes sense to have a software maintenance contract for your access control."

Ralf Laufer, Deputy Vice President Segment Business Owner EMEA, DACH, GBO EAD

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When you hear the term "maintenance contract", do you immediately think of regular maintenance activities and repairs to technical hardware? In that case, you should definitely read on, because maintenance of your software applications is becoming increasingly important for the security of your access control, attendance recording and production data acquisition. There are five good reasons for this.

1. The environment of your software applications is changing faster and faster.
If the maintenance intervals for your hardware are observed, you can assume that your devices will continue to work reliably for years to come. In contrast, "new" software can become outdated overnight and thus jeopardise your operational safety. This is not due to the application itself, but mainly to the fact that the software environment is changing faster and faster. From the operating system to the ERP software to the utilities.

2. Critical vulnerabilities often go unnoticed until it's too late.
In the event of a sudden failure of the attendance recording or access control systems, the critical vulnerability in the software may have existed for years - or only a few days. Due to the complexity and dynamics of the software environment, it is extremely difficult to keep track of everything and identify risks at an early stage. When speaking to customers, I discover time and again that most people are completely unaware that there is an urgent need for action regarding an update.

3. The need for frequent adaptations and failures lead to unplanned costs.
In future, it will be increasingly common for you to have to update your software applications so as to ensure the operational, IT and data security of your systems is still guaranteed. This involves immediate investment. If you don't take action, there's an increased risk of failures, and also of data leaks - with incalculable follow-up costs. 

4. With a maintenance contract, your software is always up to date.
A maintenance contract for your software protects you against failures and makes costs calculable. But the better term would actually be "up-to-date contract", because that provides you with the certainty that your software is always up to date. If anything security-relevant in your operating system changes, if a utility will no longer be supported or if there is a new threat on the Internet, you'll be one of the first to know about it. You'll receive the appropriate updates and the latest security patches.

5. Comprehensive releases make your software safer and more valuable.
With a maintenance contract, you also keep benefiting from ongoing releases. These optimise the performance and security of your software. They also provide you with completely new functionalities and options. Mobile Access from dormakaba is a good example of this. This technology makes it possible to use smartphones as safe and flexible access media. The dormakaba hardware components have been fitted with the necessary mobile communication technology for years. A software release enables our customers to, for example, use Mobile Access to open doors with their smartphones - without having to invest in expensive new systems.


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