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Access Control

Balancing your organisation’s changing security needs with flexible access control for personnel and vehicles can be challenging. You will need to provide employees, visitors and contractors with variable access permissions, be able to report on personnel movements and coordinate differing security levels during project initiatives.
How do you manage your changing security needs as your organisation expands?

Access control for larger enterprises

Access Control for Large Companies
Our solutions for access management are modular and adapt to your needs.

Learn more about our access control solutions for the larger enterprise:

Access control for SAP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors

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Organise all processes, operate all workflows and manage your access control directly in SAP HCM or SuccessFactors. Benefit from central data storage and automatic, secure and error-free data exchange. 

Find out more about our access control solution for SAP HCM and SuccessFactors.

Access control for small and medium-sized companies

Access Control Small and Medium Companies
No matter what your security needs are and which tasks an access solution should perform for you - our solutions are flexible, easy to implement and simple to use.