dormakaba 360° City

The dormakaba 360° City is your gateway to the 3D world of dormakaba. This virtual world will illustrate where and how dormakaba’s wide range of products can be used in your company. You get ...

  • dormakaba solutions displayed in a 3D environment from a user’s perspective.
  • detailed information on products such as selling points, exploded views, configuration options for surfaces or materials, fact sheets, films and pictures.
  • explanation of operating principles.
  • the award winning app in 12 different languages and country versions.
  • a view on the products and also the possibility to explore them with virtual reality glasses.
  • virtual reality tours, that offer the experience to discover the dormakaba products when installed:
    • With assistance of virtual reality glasses head down to a user's perspective and navigate playfully through the various segments.
Virtuelles Gebäude mit Anwendungsszenarien

Dive into the virtual dormakaba 360° City

Go on a virtual tour of the company and also take a look at the detailed information given about the various products.

Übersicht im Produkt Browser

Products and operating principles in an overview

The product browser provides an overview of all the products and operating principles. Each product is listed with a summary of its...


System requirements

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