Why make RFID a reality?

  • Keycards will not demagnetise
  • Remote check-in options
  • Low maintenance concealed reader
  • Real-time alerts
  • Audits staff activity tracking for efficiency & performance

dormakaba offers an easy way to upgrade your Ilco & Saflok magstripe locks to RFID technology. 

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RT Plus

RT Lock
dormakaba’s RT Plus is an enhanced version of the proven RT RFID electronic lock, offering the BLE technology directly integrated in the reader. Ideal for retrofit, this durable lock is easy to use and works with Ambiance, access management software.

Upgrading to RT Plus is the easy path to mobile access, enhancing your guest and resident experience.

Mobile access simplifies travel providing true choice of service for today’s mobile-mindset guests.

RT Plus is equipped with BLE technology, giving your guests the option to use their mobile phone as their credential to access their room simply and securely.

Ambiance, Access Management Software

  • Next-generation software solution 
  • A web-based software solution with simplified upgrade path
  • Full user-controlled property configuration and system setting management 
  • Simplified access control for staff, guest and property access management
  • Automated database backup and archiving features
  • Enhanced data security including PCI-DSS, AES-128 Encryption, OAuth2 and GDPR compliance
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