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  • dormakaba b-comm for Workday

    1/5dormakaba b-comm for Workday

  • b-comm Workday

    1/5b-comm for Workday - the comprehensive time tracker platform

  • b-comm Workday


  • b-comm for Workday


  • b-comm for Workday


  • dormakaba b-comm for Workday
  • b-comm Workday
  • b-comm Workday
  • b-comm for Workday
  • b-comm for Workday

Product Summary

dormakaba’s b-comm platform is used and trusted by more than 1800 enterprise customers globally. The solution provides organisations with a single source, integrated platform for workforce time tracking and labour management. Streamlining the payroll process, the enterprise-class design facilitates the simplification of time tracking and data collection whilst increasing employee engagement with internal messaging, improved communication, and individualised user experiences.

b-comm for workday  enables efficient and accurate time and labour data collection provisioned through state of the art time clocks. Different device options are available to suit the desired data collection method. These stateful devices reduce errors and the need for corrections,  prevent unauthorised working time, increase employee engagement and support policy enforcement. 

Alternative time and labour data collection options are available in the form of mobile, telephone IVR and PC/Web solutions if required.

Product Details

Validation Data

Employee Data

  • Name
  • Badge Number
  • Direct Manager
  • Job Profiles
  • Positions
  • Accrual Balances
  • Time Clock Attributes

Organisation Data

  • Cost Centres
  • Custom Organisations

Labour Data

  • Project Numbers
  • Custom Worktags

Transaction Data

Time and Attendance

  • Check In
  • Time Entry Code
  • Time Clock ID
  • Break
  • Meal
  • Check Out

Labour Collection

  • Job Profile
  • Position
  • Cost Centre
  • Custom Organisation
  • Custom Worktag
  • Project Number

Absence Management

  • Time Off Requests

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