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Mechanical Key Systems Product Life Management

As a major international manufacturer of high security mechanical key systems, dormakaba continually strives to be at the forefront of product development.  Our innovation, coupled with the demand for new patented products inevitably results in an ever-increasing MKS portfolio.  In line with this, we have been reviewing our portfolio with a particular focus on legacy cylinder platforms and recognise the need for a new Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) process to be adopted.

Our traditional approach simply saw MKS platforms categorised as either ‘Active’ or ‘Legacy’.  Products were assigned to these areas primarily based on their patent status, i.e., a product became ‘legacy’ when its patent expired.  With the number of non-patented systems increasing, this approach was deemed to be too vague.

Our new PLM process incorporates additional ‘legacy’ classifications which provide more structure and clearer supply rules for each life cycle stage.  The new structure will also enable us to communicate more effectively with our partners to manage their expectations as MKS platforms navigate through their life cycles.

Life Cycle Status New Master Plans / Differs Replacement Cylinders
(existing codes only)
Components Keys
(Cut Keys & Blanks)
Active Yes Yes Yes Yes
O1 Yes
Existing partners only
Yes Yes Yes
O2 No Yes* Yes* Yes*
L1 No No No Yes*
L2 No No No No

*denotes the addition of legacy surcharges and/or changes to MOQs of certain products.


‘Active’ products represent the latest variation of an MKS system and are by in large, fully patent protected.  They are available to all customers and will be fully supported by dormakaba.  An item will remain in Active status until such time as its successor is launched.

Customer notifications will be issued ahead of products move to O1 status.


Products will automatically move to O1 legacy status on release of their successor, i.e., pextra became an O1 product following the release of pextra+ in 2013.  As a rule, products will remain in O1 status for c10 years before progressing to O2 status.  There is, however, no definitive time frame governing this.

O1 products are available to existing customers of that product type only.  O1 products will still be supported by dormakaba for new master plans and differ codes, replacements to existing codes, components, and all keys (cut keys and Blanks).


Following a move to O2 status, dormakaba will no longer support the creation of new master plan or differ codes.  O2 products may be susceptible to changes to their supply criteria such their manufacturing location, the implementation of MOQs for built cylinders, specific components and/or key blanks etc.  O2 legacy products may also be liable for additional surcharges.

O2 Products will be continually reviewed and may remain in O2 status indefinitely. 

dormakaba will give a minimum of 3 years notice prior to a product being considered for a move to L1 (Liquidation) status.


Once moved to L1 status, dormakaba will only continue to supply cut keys and key blanks.  Components unique to that system will only be available while stocks last and once depleted, will not be replenished.

Products will stay in L1 status for 5 years before automatically progressing to L2 status.


L2 products will no longer be supported on any level by dormakaba and marks the end of its life cycle.

The below table outlines UK MKS Platforms and their PLM status, applicable from the 1st July 2022

Life Cycle Status System Key Type Patent Expiration Date Additional Information
Active Pextra+ (PXP) Serrated 2032  
expert Plus (K83) Reversible 2033  
quattro plus (K85) Reversible 2033  
Kaba 20 (K37) Reversible 2033  
O1 Legacy pextra (PX) Serrated Expired April 2022 Will move to O2 Legacy 01/01/2026
expert (K56) Reversible No Patent Will move to O2 Status 01/01/2025
quattro plus (K58) Reversible No Patent Will move to O2 Status 01/01/2025
AP1000 (AP1) Serrated No Patent Available to differ codes only. AP1 will move to O2 legacy status as of 01/01/2023
AP2000 (AP2) Serrated No Patent AP2 will move to O2 legacy status as of 01/01/2023
O2 Legacy ANS2 Serrated No Patent  
CNS2 Serrated No Patent  
quattro S (K52) Reversible No Patent  
quattro 1.0 Reversible No Patent