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dormakaba team up with ITN productions and the Security Institute to produce a full access security feature

The Security Institute is a UK-based professional body that aims to protect society through excellent security delivery. They approached dormakaba to feature a case study within an ITN commissioned programme ‘Creating a Security Culture’ showing how security and access control integrates with IT, ERP and HR systems. dormakaba have been working with ITN productions to produce this over the last few months at York University as a shining example of how security has been embedded within the campus without a detrimental impact to staff or students. The film was launched at the Security Institute Conference, 3rd October 2017.

The ‘Controlling Access in large organisation with dormakaba’ feature shows how access rights can be controlled across the university with a large population of people – containing groups with discrete access permissions and needs. Also, demonstrating the integration of online and offline access control, whilst the online system is integrated into the enterprise resource planning (ERP) and human resources (HR) system.

The University of York is an excellent example of where access rights are adapted for many users and for different uses around campus. The growth of university sites and campuses meant that they needed an Integrated IT solution that would unify details of all users automatically and provide more efficient and reliable way of securing their premises. The system installed at York delivers cost effective, flexible access control on any door, barrier, lift or access point with a scalable solution, to cover all future developments. York has been a phased deployment of online and offline access control, which currently covers the whole of the east campus and nine of the buildings on the west campus. dormakaba have 890 online controllers on 897 physical doors and 1,455 offline locks and doors. These include anything from car park barriers to classroom access. Online doors are integrated into leading ERP and HR business system via exos system, allowing for a reliable and accurate time recording solution for staff, students and contractors.

System Development Manager at University of York said: “One of the big plus points of it is that we are able to feed Exos on a nightly basis with records from our people data base which contains all our current staff and students, so we always have an up-to-date list of university members in the Exos data base. One of the by-products is that we can also feed through into Exos expiry dates of when staff or students are about to leave so without any other interventions, by setting certain parameter within the interface, people’s access right can be revoked automatically and universally in the dormakaba system.”

The University of York bears testament to the success of a complete dormakaba solution. dormakaba technology has ensured all online and standalone systems can be integrated which not only provides diversity in levels of security but also future proofs the University of York’s investment.

To see the ‘Controlling Access in large organisation with dormakaba’ feature, please click here.