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dormakaba Supports Fire Door Safety Week

dormakaba is pledging its support to National Fire Door Safety Week 2019, to raise awareness around fire door safety and robust specification.  

Launched in 2013 in response to a legacy of fire door neglect, Fire Door Safety Week is a mass awareness campaign designed to increase public understanding of the role that fire doors play in protecting life and property. 

Aligned with British Woodworking Federation, dormakaba is promoting  the importance of passive fire protection, and ensure that everyone, from manufacturers to building occupants, is aware of what a fully working fire door should look like, down to the handles, locks and door closers. 

To support this week, dormakaba recently launched its accredited CPD, “CPD 13 2019: Requirements for door hardware on fire doors”, which looks at the legislative requirements of hardware for fire doors, including CE marking, Certification and regulations. 

Graham Hulland, Product Marketing Manager  at dormakaba says, “It is crucial that everybody takes responsibility for the maintenance of fire doors, and reports fire doors that have been incorrectly installed, or are showing signs of wear and tear. 

“In addition to the CPD, we also want to make people aware of our Mobile Showroom offering. With customer convenience in mind, we’ve developed the showroom as a way to allow them to view and try our comprehensive range of fire door closers and hardware. A technical expert will also be on hand to answer all questions, and ensure a robust, compliant specification.” 

Hulland continues, “We have set out to inform those responsible for specifying, installing and maintaining passive fire protection methods, and those who have positions of influence over fire doors, for example; education, hospitality and social housing authorities. If everyone is kept knowledgeable about fire doors, their importance and how they should work, this can save lives.”