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dormakaba Padlock & Enclosure Locking - High levels of physical security combined with ultimate key control

dormakaba’s padlock offering has become stronger than ever before with the approval of LPCB (Loss Prevention Council Board) for our CEN rated padlocks. The P6062, P8065 & P8093 are now certified to LPS 1654: Issue 1.

LPS 1654: Issue 1 includes the highest level of attack testing for padlocks to ensure the products that achieve the accreditation offer maximum protection within the UK’s critical national infrastructure sectors. A copy of the official certification can be found at

In addition to the stand alone padlock security rating, dormakaba have partnered with a number of Security Hatch Cover manufacturers to offer end-users a complete solution, certified to LPS 1175. Aiding in the prevention of unauthorised access, this standard classifies the security of building components, strong points, security enclosures and free-standing barriers, including secure Access Covers.

dormakaba’s high security key systems provide an excellent compliment to the physical aspects of a padlock. With both long term patent protection and strict registration procedures in place, dormakaba guarantees you piece of mind when it comes to key control.

As well as the newly certified padlocks, dormakaba’s product portfolio includes further padlocks and enclosure locks, some of which have been designed based on a single customer’s requirement. Due to our in-house design and engineering facility, we can not only offer an off-the-shelf solution but can create a bespoke locking product for all applications, all of which can be incorporated within a master key system.

Market Sectors:

  • Utilities (Water, Power, Telecom)
  • Rail (Rolling Stock, Infrastructure)
  • Marine
  • Nuclear
  • OEM
  • Renewable Energy (Solar, Wind)
  • Transport Infrastructure


  • Perimeter Security
  • Roadside & Rail-side Cabinets
  • Inspection Hatches & Covers
  • Secure Kiosks, Enclosures, Containers
  • Telecommunication Cabinets
  • Portable Buildings
  • Vehicle Doors
  • Plant & Machinery Lockout

LPCB Certification​​​​​​​