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Top Glass Designs For Maximising Space

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Designing interiors where both space and light are limited can prove challenging and often requires a total re-think in the approach. As a construction material, glass can provide a new lease of life, improving the flow of a space, allowing it to be transformed with a more open and inviting ambience.

Seeing your design options clearly

When designing with glass, the visual aim is usually to hold large expanses in place with minimal interference from frames or fittings. Combinable in many variations, glass systems and fittings allow for maximum flexibility – helping to create the elegant realisation of virtually any conceivable design.

For example, when considering internal doors, manual glass sliding door systems provide a versatile and elegant appearance as they maximise the floor space between rooms when compared with a swing door system – providing a smooth transition from one room to another.

When choosing glass swing doors, take care to choose a ‘pinch free’ system that minimises the risk of trapped fingers in the opening gap between the glass door and frame. Where the pivot point of the swing door is close to the glass edge, this pinch hazard is minimised.

For example, our BEYOND pivoting system has provided an ideal solution for the new Marriott Hotel in Belfast. 185 sets of BEYOND pivoting systems were specified to deliver secure, functional and unique design features. A pivot point positioned in the middle of the glass axle and close to the glass edge ensures optimum safety by preventing the risk of trapped fingers.

For large space division, glass horizontal sliding wall panel systems can form straight or angled pathways – allowing for complete creativity in design in a non-intrusive way, particularly as there are no floor guides or tracks to impede the flooring material. 

If transparency is not your desire, glass is a robust and versatile material, highly customisable in terms of colour, pattern or etching. In offices, glass systems can define a workspace without separating colleagues and is a great way to give an old office a modern and sophisticated upgrade.

Let there be light and space

As well as offering diverse design opportunities, glass also provides a solution to expanding space within a room, without undergoing costly extensions. The use of glass fittings will introduce more natural light into a space and make it feel lighter, brighter and more spacious – particularly important in rooms with no external wall or window.

Frameless glass sliding door systems which feature absolute transparency, can provide a stylish ambience whilst making even the smallest rooms seem big and spacious.

Furthermore, horizontal sliding panel systems also offer generous transparency, reducing the visual separation between the interior and exterior of a space, providing a barrier-free openness. 

As transparency becomes an increasingly important design factor in modern architecture, glass fittings provide a clever and simple solution. A unique and versatile material, glass can help designers transform ordinary rooms into elegant and inspiring spaces.