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The highest standard of security

For those working in industries that require a high level of physical security, it is important to correctly implement approved systems to reduce unauthorised access, crime, and vandalism.


The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), part of Building Research Establishment (BRE) global, has been working with government and industry professionals for more than a century to set the necessary standards that will guarantee security products perform effectively.

LPS 1654: Issue 1 is the latest physical security standard for padlocks and includes the highest level of attack testing for padlocks; it is seen as the ultimate test for padlocks, incorporating the most rigorous physical attack tests.

A strict testing process

For products to achieve LPCB certification LPS 1654 they must undergo a strict testing process conducted by the BRE’s highly experienced team of attack testers – intentionally designed to meet the security needs of the UK Infrastructure industry.

Tests are carried out under laboratory conditions using attack times and tools. The grades are then determined by the time taken to break a product based on different types of tools commonly used by criminals. This third party approval provides confirmation that a manufacturer’s products have met the set standards.

Secure protection for the utility industry

Providing secure protection for UK water, power and energy supplies is vital to ensure communities are protected against external threats. LPCB allows asset managers and building owners to identify products that will help them withstand the highest level of attack. Many products on the market may look as though they are approved products but will not provide the same level of protection.

Now widely recognised on a global scale, companies who are certified to LPCB standards are listed in the ‘RedBook’, this acts as a key reference for specifiers, regulators, designers and end users to ensure the products they choose have been robustly checked by independent experts.

Peace of mind for remote access locations

Products which achieve LPS 1654: Issue 1 status, such as our extensive range of padlocks, allow building owners and asset managers to be confident in the reliability, security and performance of the product.

As well as providing secure protection as standalone products, when combined with other security systems such as doorsets and access covers, LPCB accredited padlocks help to elevate other solutions – further enhancing a building’s security.

For those in the utility industry looking for robust security products for remote high security locations, LPCB is an important accreditation. Utilising approved products offers maximum protection and the stronger the security, the greater the peace of mind for building owners and asset managers.