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The benefits of patent-protected and registered key systems

Mechanical locking systems remain the easiest and most secure way to protect your property or business. To enhance the security of these systems, customers can opt for a provider that protects cylinders and keys by patent – ensuring the user is protected against unauthorised key duplication.

Patent-protected key systems ensure that no one other than the provider – or a third party appointed by the provider – can produce keys or key blanks. As the patent is owned by the provider, anyone who is caught duplicating the key without expressed permission of the organisation can face severe financial penalties.

For an additional level of security, users can opt for registered keys – or factory-only patented keys. These keys cannot be cut locally and can only be replaced upon the receipt of a signature or identification from an authorised person.

Adopting one of these access control strategies benefits end users in two specific ways. Firstly, it provides individuals and organisations with the peace of mind that its security protocols are beyond reproach – something extremely important to organisations requiring the highest level of security protection. Secondly, it allows the user to retain complete control over all keys to ensure that they do not fall into the position of an unauthorised party.


dormakaba holds hundreds of registered patents, ensuring the security of its systems is not compromised. In addition, dormakaba offers its customers the opportunity to adopt additional protection via its key registration service. Working with organisations or individuals, it creates a bespoke service to ensure a solution that works for the customer to guarantee both security and convenience.

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