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Roller Shutters - Winter checklist

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As the winter months draw near it becomes of more importance to ensure your roller shutters are operating correctly. In an effort to ensure your working environment is comfortable and the store is able to trade safely we have put together a basic checklist to assist you.

Weekly checklist – Roller shutters

Check door operation and note any loud or grinding noise.

  1. Check that electrically operated shutters stop on the open and close limit.
  2. Check manually operated shutters are balanced evenly when open and closing.
  3. Check that all locks are in alignment and working.
  4. Check switch operations are free of damage and corrosion.
  5. Check remote control operation and range (if range is short this can be a sign that fobs will need replacing).
  6. Check any floor tracks are clear and free of damage.

Call it in as soon as you discover it!

Forgetting to call it in when you see it could result in any of the following:

  • Health and Safety Risks
  • Failure to secure the premises
  • Failure to open the premises to trade
  • The need for you or your colleague to stay behind after hours to wait for an engineer.
  • Store temperatures falling below acceptable levels
  • The store being forced to close should temperatures drop to low
  • Loss of revenue