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Mobile Access for Hotels

Mobile access is probably the most significant technical development within the hotel industry over the past five years. What started as a showcase solution is now rapidly becoming the norm, as more and more hotels are adopting mobile access technology – and enjoy the benefits that accompany it.

Mobile technology has allowed for greater flexibility when it comes to access control options. Traditional methods of individual identification – such as using fobs or key cards, work alongside more modern alternative devices such as smartphones with stand-alone digital locking technologies. Once adopted by a hotel, mobile access technology can be used in a number of ways.

Benefits for hotel visitors

In some applications, it is possible to book and receive unique user information without the need to physically check-in. This allows guests to enter their rooms without the need of a lengthy registration process using their mobile phone as the room key – particularly useful for those arriving at a hotel late, or after a long journey.

An additional benefit to visitors is that mobile access technology can be used to enhance a guest’s experience. Integrating with hotel systems allows users to utilise available hotel services and take advantage of in-stay features such as room service or television facilities – providing a convenient way for a guest to fully control their travel preferences whilst driving revenue and adding value to the hotel brand.

Advantage for the hotel owners

Whilst mobile access provides a number of benefits for guests, there is one key advantage to hotels adopting this technology – it saves a lot of money.

When integrating mobile access within a hotel’s app, bookings can be made directly with the hotel or chain, rather than though a third-party. At present, a large portion of bookings are made through discount hotel websites in which the hotel splits the profit generated through the booking. Integrating all hotel services into one app – including mobile access – is an attractive proposition to guests, and hotels can benefit from the increased revenue this can bring.

Security & data protection

For those concerned about personal data, some mobile access solutions have end-to-end encrypted security, even when it has been integrated into the hotel’s own app. As such, room access can never be copied or duplicated onto another device.

Mobile access may become the standard way we access hotels and rooms and as the technology develops, we expect to see further integration with other services and solutions.

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