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Keeping Students Safe

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For estate managers, and others involved in the running of university campuses, security is a top priority. With campuses increasing in size to accommodate growing populations, keeping each individual safe and secure is becoming more and more complex.

Theft, personal safety and fire safety are among the biggest challenges’ estate managers face. Integrated access and security solutions offer an ideal strategy, ensuring smart and secure access across the entire campus.

Are thefts being prevented before they happen?

The majority of students arriving, and returning, to university bring a lot of expensive possessions with them. As such, it is important to adopt solutions which control, and in some cases restrict, access to certain rooms.

Locks which feature contactless card access with RFID technology enable estate managers to limit access in accommodation buildings to ensure it is only the individual student that can access their designated living spaces.

Systems which also feature a full audit trail function allow estate managers to trace the lock usage, providing peace of mind for both students and staff alike – whilst creating a safer and more secure environment.

Are staff and students safe on campus?

With high traffic on campuses, it is difficult to achieve complete secure access – especially on campuses open to the public. Staff and students must feel safe whilst on campus – utilising integrated access and security solutions is integral to achieving this.

Managing the movement of visitors around campus, especially when not being escorted, can be difficult. Stand alone access control is an ideal solution to provide flexible access. Keys, fobs or photo ID cards fitted with the renowned Legic chip provide a quick and easy way to initiate checks and controls over who has access where and when – as well as notifying immediately of unauthorised access.

Alternatively, networked access control solutions integrate with TASC and SIMS allowing administration of the system from one point. On-line monitoring means that the status of the entire system is always visible, giving a full report of activities – even providing a roll-call report of who is on site in the event of an emergency.

Are all premises fire safety compliant?

Under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, it is the “responsible person’s” duty to ensure that all aspects of fire prevention and protection systems are maintained in good working order. A campus must also meet the requirements as specified in BS8300, “Design of buildings and their approaches to meet the needs of disabled people”.

Panic hardware, security locks and emergency escape locks must be correctly specified and maintained to ensure the highest level of safety. As such, all products must be CERTIFIRE Approved CE Marked to BS EN1155, proving it has been independently tested and verified.   

Estate managers must work hard to ensure their campus and the individuals within it remain safe and secure. An up to date knowledge of integrated access solutions available will help to ensure the safety and security of staff, students and their belongings.

For more details on our access solutions see our Access and Security Solutions for Education brochure.