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Is your physical data protected?

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With data protection a hot topic at the moment, a huge emphasis has been placed on protecting digital information; but do you know how to best safeguard physical data?

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now in place, and although much of the focus has been on digital data, it does apply to non-digital personal data too. The new regulations are particularly pertinent for data centres and apply to an organisation of any size, in any sector. Whilst access control may seem an essential element to any security policy, GDPR means there is even more onus on data centres to demonstrate that the appropriate guards are now in place.

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Here at dormakaba, we are proud to be a trusted manufacturer of high security products and have developed an extensive range of solutions specifically designed to protect physical data. For any sensitive or confidential documents that need to be protected from unauthorised access – we have a product to suit all applications.

Keep it locked

It is a key responsibility of a data centre to ensure that the building and individual rooms are safe, with all security processes being followed rigorously. When operating their centres, companies must ensure they meet or exceed the necessary service level requirements.

As such, safe locks are an ideal choice when looking for secure storage for classified information. When seeking a secure lock, it is important to select a product that has been designed with an uncompromising focus on security. Electronic locks, which feature an intelligent motor-bolt lock, with integrated terminals connecting to an alarm centre provide enhanced security. Furthermore, locks which are designed with different hierarchy codes are especially suitable for situations when organisational flexibility, fast response and increased security are necessary.

Alongside safe locks, padlocks can also strengthen the security of a data centre. Look for products that have approval of the LPCB (Loss Prevention Council Board) and are CEN rated. This accreditation is only received through rigorous third party testing and is designed to offer maximum protection, allowing users to be confident with their security system.

The universal key

Utilising a variety of products will improve your ability to manage risk as well as maintain a resilient and secure system. Master key systems are the essence of modern mechanical access and are one of the easiest and most secure ways to protect non-digital data. An ideal solution – they can be combined with electronic locks for optimum security.

Whether you’re looking for newly planned access control method or integration into existing systems, utilising an innovative range of products will provide a solution for every application. For those looking for enhanced protection, our in-house design and engineering facility can create a bespoke secure access system to protect all physical data.

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