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3D Design - Embracing A Technological Era

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In today’s technological era, paper and drawing boards have become mostly obsolete for architects and designers. Construction experts are now embracing practical applications for 3D design and virtual reality (VR), helping professionals from all over the world to benefit from detailed insights on the technical specificities of their projects.

These new advances have profoundly revolutionised the construction industry as companies and product manufacturers look to 3D design and VR as a valuable tool rather than a toy.

Despite the undeniable benefits, many construction companies and manufacturers are not exploiting the full potential of 3D design or VR. As technologies enhance at a breathtaking rate, it is crucial that the entire industry gets on board with modern advancements.  

Embracing technological innovation

At dormakaba, one of our core values is curiosity and that is what we are determined to pursue in order to stay at the forefront of the latest technologies. As such, we have recently upgraded our Virtual Design Centre (VDC) to include VR with interactive functions and virtual product presentations, making it possible to access dormakaba’s virtual headquarters instantly from anywhere in the world.

It is no longer enough to just offer innovative products, we must be different in the way we present them. Having already proved very popular with customers at trade shows, meetings and showrooms, the VDC offers visitors the experience to find out more about the products in a virtual reality. This has opened up a wealth of new virtual communication possibilities; avatars can now enter the VDC together and interact with other visitors, creating global accessibility in an instant as people from opposite sides of the world to interact and examine dormakaba’s products together in a virtual showroom.

Different configuration options can be explored live, colour changes can be implemented, and certain products can be dismantled so the visitors can better understand the operating mode. Products can even be displayed in the virtual sectors that they will be installed, at the moment in virtual airports or industrial environments – with more scenarios to be added. This allows us to offer our customers the ultimate experience as we can present products in the way they will operate on the market.

Anticipating the future

At the moment, the VDC is best viewed though VR glasses for the most immersive experience. However, VDC is constantly developing by integrating different applications and experiences as well as additional products from dormakaba’s portfolio. It is possible that a cloud-based solution could be added in the future. 

The remarkable advancements in 3D design and VR are changing the way the construction industry works. Although in their infancy, these innovations are here to stay. Now is the time to embrace these advancements and integrate them into design processes; at dormakaba we have revolutionised our design strategy to bring the vision of the client to life and ensure we remain at the forefront of technological innovation.