How doors can help save energy

Did you know that doors account for 11% of overall heat loss in a building. If they are in poor condition, they contribtute to even more energy loss.

In an era of growing environmental consciousness, every step towards sustainability counts. Companies around the world are working hard to reduce their carbon footprints and mitigate their impact on the planet.

As global leaders in the access control and security systems, dormakaba is at the forefront of this significant movement with our energy-efficient door technology.

1. Transparency

We contribute to greener buildings. Our aim is develop high-quality products that meet the needs of a sustainable built environment and to contribute to our customers' own sustainability goals. Our verified Environmental, Health and Building Product Declarations provide transparent information on the potential environmental or health-related impacts along the entire life cycle of the products.

2. Smart Automation

Our automatic door systems utlise motion sensors and programmable controls to open and close only when necessary, maximising energy efficiency by preventing air leakage.

3. Focus on Efficiency and Sustainability

When developing products, our primary focus is efficiency and sustainability. dormakaba door operators are designed to minimise heat transfer, maintaining a consistent indoor temperature, thus saving energ and lowering utility costs. Some of our newer operators consume significantly less energy that those of the previous models.

We aim to become carbon neutral in our operations by 2030.

In conclusion, dormakaba doors are more than just entryways; they are gateways to a more sustainable world. Through cutting-edge technologies, eco-friendly materials and a primary focus on sustainability, we are embracing a greener future.