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A career at dormakaba is one you can trust in and be proud of. Our range of access control solutions cater not only for commercial premises, but also the likes of hospitals, universities, airports and schools.

Those who choose to use our products, are guaranteed a trusted and reliable service, alongside the reassurance of having high quality security solutions.

Those who choose to work for us, are guaranteed a trusted and supportive career, with colleagues who work together to achieve a common goal.

You can be trust in and be proud to work for dormakaba because:

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    We help to secure schools, universities and airports with trusted security systems
  • We help to support the development & installation of disabled access control systems across a variety of industries
  • We help to ensure patients are safe and secure across entire hospital buildings
  • We help to shape and design new buildings to benefit the whole community
  • We sell a large portfolio of industry-leading products and solutions
  • We are constantly evolving to incorporate the latest cutting-edge technology into our services

Discover some of our most exciting projects

Whether in the new Library of Alexandria or in the famous Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro – wherever pioneering buildings are realised, our solutions are a dependable part of it. Take a look at some of our most exciting projects and imagine the interesting tasks for you. 

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How we build trust

Our values define the way we work: Trust, Curiosity, Courage, Customer first and Performance are our everyday guidelines, helping us to give our best again and again.



Trust is the basis of our success – and shapes the cooperation at dormakaba: We are one team, take care of each other, learn from one another and treat each other in an honest, fair, respectful and appreciative way. Trust isn’t just there: We build and experience it continuously in exchange with our colleagues, customers and partners. 



Smart solutions best prosper in a trusting and inspiring environment with plenty of room for curiosity and innovative ideas. The basis are openness and a non-judgmental attitude. We question things, discuss openly and learn something new every day. 



Development is based on trust and openness to change. We welcome the courage to voice clear opinions and make straightforward decisions as well as initiative and the willingness to take responsibility. Mistakes offer us opportunities to learn. 


Customer first

The satisfaction of our customers is our benchmark. By being open for their needs, giving competent advice and providing smart and secure solutions, we continuously build trust. Through our commitment we make dormakaba a little more successful every day. 



We want to be the best in our industry. That is why we go the extra mile and set high standards in terms of security, quality, and reliability. As one committed team we give our customers the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are in professional hands.

Did you know?



lost keys are sent back to their owners each year due to our service



companies worldwide rely on time recording solutions



people board with the help of our products each year


combinations are possible with our Star Key. By the way: the number is called a decillion

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