How will AI affect the security industry?

How will AI affect the security industry?

In September of 2023, some of our colleagues attended the Women in Security Awards, a distinguished annual ceremony to celebrate the achievements and contributions made by women in the world of security.

Jenna Higgs, Marketing Director UKI at dormakaba, led a roundtable session centered on ways to inspire greater participation of young women in the dynamic realm of security. During the event, we captured engaging discussions featuring experienced female figures within the industry.

During the discussion, we heard a variety of of perspectives on the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) within the security sector. The point emphasised throughout was the complexity of AI's impact on security, and the need for careful evaluation and adaptation within the industry.

Kimberley Orriss, ESA Sales Manager at dormakaba, underscored the dual nature of AI's application in the industry, describing it as a 'double-edged sword' due to its simultaneous potential for benefits and risks.

"Its coming, and it's unavoidable. We have to adapt", explains Lindsey, Service Delivery Manager for CDS Ltd. Throughout the discussion, she highlighted the evolving landscape of security. Acknowledging AI's potential to streamline operations, Lindsey also mentioned the need to assess the threat that AI could have on the industry.

Camilla, Director of Sales for Nimans, echoed enthusiasm for AI's capabilities in simplifying intricate processes, while underlining the concerns when placed in malicious hands, potentially leading to unforeseen issues.

Furthermore, Director of Safelock Systems Ltd, Jasmine Hunt Brown, emphasised the necessity for the industry to catch up with AI advancements. However, she stressed the critical need for thorough checks, considering certifications and regulations, to ensure its safe and secure deployment within the sector.

The buzz around 'Artificial Intelligence' or 'AI' is impossible to miss. Anticipated as a game-changer in the security sector, this exciting technology is sure to wield influence in the near future.