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Day in the life of a Freight Coordinator

Meet Michelle, a Freight Coordinator our Tiverton office

What does your day-to-day role as a Freight Coordinator entail?
As Freight Coordinator, I am responsible for the day to day administration of our carriers. This includes monitoring performance,  assisting with domestic delivery queries, providing information to HMRC to assist with the clearance of goods through customs, and monitoring the progress of all international shipments. I also track and monitor our freight expenditure and investigate all large spends and negotiate with suppliers on cost, benefit and value.

This role would suit someone who likes to…
This Role would suit someone who likes variation in work as there are numerous avenues to explore and cover, someone who enjoys investigative work and who is not afraid to ask ‘why’ would be great in this role.

This role wouldn’t suit someone who likes to…
Avoid change and/or who does not enjoy a challenge - in this role you need to be adaptive, and if you don’t like change it will be not be a comfortable fit, as this role requires continuous investigation and adaptation to ensure the best steps are taken to acquire a cost effective, and successful coordination of our freight, and to achieve continuous improvement and savings.

What is the most challenging aspect of your role?
Carrier performance is the greatest challenge - what I can do to affect this is minimal, but in order to put our customer first, I continually  keep the pressure on them to ensure we deliver what we have promised to our customers.

Just for fun…

What film can you watch over and over again, without getting tired of?
Alien (the entire series)