Defender Univers - Bolt Work

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  • Defender Univers with option ZSB


The 3-sided bolt work is characterised by its flexibility. It can be operated by maximal two locks with standard footprints or by one electronic lock combination 82021 Code-Combi K. In case of a 2-lock operation the locking order is not defined.

The bolt work can be supplied optionally with an integrated relocker and a lock driven blocking slide.


Bolt work

  • Dimensions base plate 210 x 235 mm
  • Installation applications
    • 1-lock operation:
      • 1 lock with standard footprint, admissible mounting position of lock: vertical, bolt down, bolt throw 8.7 - 12 mm
      • or 1 lock 82021 Code-Combi K, admissible mounting position of lock: horizontal, bolt right, bolt throw 12 mm
    • 3-sided (front shaft I, upper shaft II, lower shaft III)
    • Shaft throw 22 mm, opening angle of handle 75°
    • Shaft connections: Ø 8.2 mm and elongated hole 6.4 x 13.6 mm, Ø 6.4 mm
    • Lock mounting: 4 x ¼” BSW threaded bushes
    • For right hand doors, opening clockwise
  • Steel blank
  • Gear drive with follower 8 mm
  • Weight approx. 2,180 g

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